Marilyn Mendenhall Waugh: Adopted People Have TWO Birth Certificates?

Most people are unaware that all US adoptees have two different birth certificates. The original birth certificate (OBC) is issued at the time of birth, and when an adoption is completed, a new birth certificate is issued, called the amended birth certificate (ABC). Over half of the states do not allow adopted adults to obtain the OBC, which can create obstacles when trying to access government services. In this talk, Marily Mendenhall Waugh discusses why it is time to change the ABC to a Certificate of Adoption.

Marilyn is a reunited birth mother, Director of Adoption Concerns Triangle of Topeka, past American Adoption Congress (AAC) President and current AAC-KS State Representative. She volunteers on the Spokeo Search Angel Committee, is a AAC Presidential award winner, serves on the Missouri Birth Parent Communication Task Force, presents frequently at conferences on adoption search and reunion issues and is a Search Angel who, for the past 23 years, has reunited hundreds of family members separated by adoption.