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Sharon Sullivan: Consuming Children

Human trafficking happens here! In Kansas, in Shawnee county, in Topeka. According to the federal government, 1.5 million U.S. citizens are trafficked in the United States. Approximately half are children under the age of 16. American children’s lives are being consumed by men who buy them for sexual gratification, abuse them and throw them away. […]

Marie Myers: Growing Up Techie

The speech will highlight the effects that technology usage has on children as the use of technology in households is increasing with this generation of children. Many adverse effects are changing the ways in which children and youth interact with the world around them. Although technology can be considered a great advancement for educating children […]

Annette Hope Billings: Brava!

Annette Hope Billings is an award winning author and actress. After a four decade long career as a registered nurse, Billings took an early retirement in 2015 to pursue her dream of writing full time. In the ensuing 2 years, she has published two books of poetry with a third scheduled for release by Spartan […]

Jancy Pettit: ArtLight

Energy artist Jancy Pettit was introduced in midlife to a meditative martial arts form call Qigong which transformed her approach to artmaking. She harnesses the energy from the Qigong movement and directs it into her art. This universal energy, called “chi,” moves her body in a spontaneous, free-flowing way to create images with no preplanning […]

TEDxTopeka 2017 Announces Speaker Lineup

TEDxTopeka 2017 Announces Speaker Lineup TOPEKA, Kan. –  TEDxTopeka event organizers are excited to announce the speaker lineup for TEDxTopeka 2017. “The TEDxTopeka crew is excited to be working on our fourth TEDx event in the Topeka community” said Mikki Burcher, co-lead organizer for TEDxTopeka. “This event allows local voices to share their ideas on […]

TEDxTopeka Seeks Speakers for 2017 Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 20, 2017 Media Contact: Nathan Morris nathan@tedxtopeka.com Mikki Burcher mikki@tedxtopeka.com  TEDxTopeka 2017 Call for Speakers TOPEKA, Kan. –  We’re excited to announce an open speaker call for TEDxTopeka 2017. Anyone who is interested in applying should go to www.tedxtopeka.com/speak and fill out an application. TEDxTalks are widely known as high quality, innovative, […]