TEDxTopekaWomen Announces Speaker Lineup

TEDxTopekaWomen event organizers announced the speaker lineup for the 2016 TEDxTopekaWomen event last night at the Women of Influence awards reception.

TEDxTalks are widely known as high quality, innovative, and thought provoking. This special TEDxTopekaWomen event will feature local speakers, a live-streamed session from TEDWomen, as well as performing art pieces. Unlike previous TEDxTopeka events, this event will focus specifically on girls and women and the issues that effect them.

“We’re thrilled to bring TEDxTopekaWomen to the Topeka community for the first time,” said Mikki Burcher, marketing coordinator for TEDxTopeka. “This event will allow local voices to share their ideas on a world-wide platform, and will put a spotlight on ideas and issues that directly effect girls and women in our community.”

Speakers for the event will be:

  • Brittany Simmerman: Intensely Sincere & Sincerely Intense: How Women Can Be Emotionally in Tune and Still Badass
  • Michelle McCormick: How Feminism Taught Me to Care About How We Raise Boys
  • Denise Selbee-Koch: Go Outside!
  • Beryl A. New, Ed.D.: Growing up Brown
  • Sophie Brazington: Our Own Femininity
  • Priti Lakhani: Honor Among Women
  • Shawn McBride: The Woman’s Advantage in Business Partnerships

“The speaker list for this year is very exciting,” said Nathan Morris, event organizer. “Our team knows that women’s issues effect more than just women; they also impact parents, teachers, mentors, aunts and uncles, coaches, and more. I think that these presentations will really resonate with the audience.”

TEDxTopeka will be held on October 27, 2016, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Topeka Performing Arts Center.