Artist Jancy Pettit will perform ArtLight.

Jancy Pettit: ArtLight

Energy artist Jancy Pettit was introduced in midlife to a meditative martial arts form call Qigong which transformed her approach to artmaking. She harnesses the energy from the Qigong movement and directs it into her art. This universal energy, called “chi,” moves her body in a spontaneous, free-flowing way to create images with no preplanning or preconceived ideas. The resulting mixed media pieces are nonfigurative, colorful and playful.

This process is demonstrated in the ArtLight performance, where Jancy will create an environment comprised of her own abstract, colorful, energy artwork by projecting it onto a large white background. Then, moving from the same inner wisdom with which the artwork was created, Jancy will perform in front of her art. Her body sometimes blends into the colorful environment; other times, interesting shadows are created. The result is a mysterious, beautiful and sometimes emotionally moving experience for the viewers.